Artistic drawing workshop – Małgorzata Matyjaszczyk

Artistic drawing workshop
“The monastic herbarium”
6-13 August 2016

by Małgorzata Matyjaszczyk

In the oldest part of the monastery of  Monteripido, vessels from the monastic apothecary are preserved, and in the library, one of the most valuable volumes is a herbarium, dating back to the 18thcentury. Has that captured your imagination?
Oh yes!
Let’s also imagine, how a long, long time ago, a friar pounded ointments and mixed concoctions. How did he know which herbs would help curing diseases? The herbarium!
A nightmare for students, but not for the participants of my workshop. I will help you find the beauty of details in herbs, in characteristic forms, in refractions of light. Under the hot august sun, in a fragrant and vibrantly green surrounding. Let’s search for the herbal treasures hiding around the monastery and create illustrations, which might be the beginning of your own artistic herbariums. Everyone attracted to drawing is invited. To those who claim they cannot draw, I will prove that pencils don’t bite. For the little bit more acquainted with the pencil, I hope to provide good advice. Drawing can be taught to anyone, under one condition – one has to really want it!

I dearly invite you
Małgorzata Matyjaszczyk


Duration of the workshop: 25 hours
The limit of apprentices: 10 persons
Workshops designed for both beginners and advanced in the art of drawing.

Schedule of Stay:
Saturday to Sunday – group arrives, getting familiar with the monastery and Perugia,
Monday to Friday (9AM-1PM or 9AM-2PM) – Calligraphy Workshops,
Saturday – departure.


17_Perugia_2014_M_MatyjaszczykMałgorzata Matyjaszczyk- works and lives in Pistoia, Tuscany, since 9 years. An alumnus of the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, occupies herself with drawing, painting, photography, decoupage. In her atelier in the presbytery of San Pantaleo, simultaneously being a perpetua, or manager to the household of a priest, she creates extraordinary, artistic candles.
She is recognized in Poland as an awarded and experienced instructor of craft and fine arts, animator of theatrical events and other cultural happenings.
She is also a known and appreciated author of a blog named “Tuscan notes on fulfilled dreams”, which was the source for two books: “My first year in Tuscany” and “Tuscany day after day. Notes on fulfilled dreams”. With both the passion and tenderness of a true connoisseur she shares her love to Tuscan landscapes, art, flavours, colours and rhythms. Her stories are just as colourful and lush as the pages of her blog.


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