Copperplate 2017 – English

Calligraphy workshop
English Roundhand – Start a journey with Mr. Copperplate
19-26 August 2017
by Zuzanna Chróścik

Copperplate engaraving revolutionised hand writing in Europe and dominized our thinking of beautiful calligraphy writing. Sharp ended nib imitates the letters that were carved with steel tracer on a copper plate. The pen which was sometimes pushed harder gave stunning effect of harmonious composition of slim and thick lines. Letters and pages were decorated with light, swirling as in a dance „swashes”.

To the ones looking with admiration onto the pages written by the hands of true masters we are offering the first, brave step – 20 hours course in silence of the Library Monteripido. The first hours are the most determinative – correct position of a hand, feeling of control over the writing tool, free breath, the joy coming from discovering that our first lines and letters and beautiful!

The first attempts and first successes! Learning the structure of creating particular letters and rules of their harmonious notation on paper, step by step, supported by teacher’s smart instructions, we’re writing words, sentences, postcards to friends.

For those who already know the secret of Copperplate’s  small and big letters, we have prepared advanced course excersices and templets of the greatest masters. Pens in hand! Let’s write it beautifully!


Duration of the workshop: 20 hours
The limit of apprentices: 12 persons
The cost of the course without accomodation: 920 zł / 210 Euro
Workshops designed for both beginners and advanced in the fine art of calligraphy.

Schedule of Stay: Saturday to Sunday – group arrives, getting familiar with the monastery and Perugia, Monday to Friday (9.30 AM – 1.30 PM) – Illuminating Workshops, Saturday – departure.



Zuzanna Chróścik - art historian, calligrapher, lives and studies in Krakow.
She is conducting calligraphy workshops for kids and adults in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Krakow. Specializes in medieval calligraphy, elvish writing (Tolkien’s Tengwar) and English roundhand – Copperplate, she also implements calligraphy projects in the „big format”, among others: on wall surfaces.
Continously cooperates with The Art of Calligraphy Foundation in Krakow, and teaches classes in Calligraphy School „Littera Nova”.


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