Outdoor architectonic drawing workshop

Outdoor architectonic drawing workshop
“The secrets of perspective and detail”
16-23 July 2016
by Beata and Lucjan Krupa

A medieval monastery located on a hill, an Italian city with a history written in architecture – the ideal place for an architectonic drawing workshop.
The custom of sketching during journeys and writing journals sometimes seems to be the privilege of artists only. Nevertheless we invite you to explore the architectonic outdoor carrying a pencil, charcoal, a sketchbook, big or small in size.
We invite those, who already have experienced drawing architecture and would like to do so once again, submerging in the delight of artistic creation.
We invite those, who would simply like to learn understanding, reading, and drawing architecture.
We invite those, who are preparing for studying architecture, or are trying to enrol in the Academy of Fine Arts – we will help with creating works for your portfolio.
Lastly we invite those, who are sensitive to the incredible beauty of architectural perspectives and structural details – drawing is noticing more!

Beata Krupa
Lucjan Krupa
„Koletek” Drawing Studio




Duration of the workshop: 25 hours
The limit of apprentices: 10 persons
Workshops designed for both beginners and advanced in the art of drawing.

Schedule of Stay:
Saturday to Sunday – group arrives, getting familiar with the monastery and Perugia,
Monday to Friday (9AM-1PM or 9AM-2PM) – Calligraphy Workshops,
Saturday – departure.


Beata Krupa i Lucjan Krupa - two married architects, leading one of the oldest architectonic drawing schools in Cracow for more than 20 years - „Koletek” Drawing Studio

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