Avignon (Provence) 2015 – English

We invite you to another “Journey with calligraphy” to Avignon in Provence. Located in the Notre Dame de Grâce monastery in Rochefort-du-Gard.
Calligraphy and illuminating workshop
“Dancing on a bridge in Avignon”
16–23 August 2015
by Barbara Bodziony




Pont Saint-Bénezet – The Bridge of Saint Benedict in Avignon will always be associated by us Poles with the poem written by Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, sung by Ewa Demarczyk. “Gentlemen are dancing, ladies are dancing, on the bridge in Avignon”.
This is our second journey to Provence.
Last year we were in Senanque, and the theme of our workshop was medieval music and medieval musicians. This year it’s dancing!
The Middle Ages loved music. Singing resounded within the walls of monasteries and castles, friars, priests holding liturgies, people attending masses, were all singing. Troubadours created poetry and music filled with mystic consignment. Music was an everyday companion for people, during work and recreation. Music was played, songs were sung, and everybody danced!
On the pages of medieval manuscripts we come across many images of musicians and dancing figures. Those miniatures will be our source of inspiration during the workshop.
„Sur le Pont d’Avignon” everyone is dancing…
The legend about the construction of the bridge is as interesting as the whole history of Avignon. A young shepherd called Bénezet heard a voice descending from heaven, ordering to build a bridge across the Rodan. The boy went to the bishop, who took him for mad – no one imagined building a bridge across such a wide river, with such a strong current. Someone proposed, that Bénezet should prove he received a sign from heaven, by carrying a huge rock laying in front of the bishop’s palace to the bank of the river. The boy completed that task. Bénezet carried the rock, a miracle was announced and… the construction of the bridge! After 8 years the bridge was completed, famous for its beauty, and was one of the largest constructions of the Middle Ages. Since 400 years the bridge has only 4 spans, and wrenches off unexpectedly. Why?
That is worth discovering, as are other secrets of this papal city.

Duration of the workshop: 25 hours
The limit of apprentices: 12 persons
Workshops designed for both beginners and advanced in the fine art of calligraphy and illumination.





Pałac Papieski w Awinionie






During our workshops we will be accommodated in a former Benedictine monastery, the Notre Dame de Grâce, beneath Avignon, in Rochefort-du-Gard.
Broadly situated monastic buildings are located on a hill, surrounded by terraced gardens, from which a breathtakingly beautiful view displays on the vale.
The bus stop from which we will commute to Avignon is at the foot of the hill.
Included in the price of the course is daily breakfast. It is possible to buy a daily lunch (12,50 euros), and supper (10, 50 euros), or to join the sightseeing of the city with visits in the variety of bars and restaurants.










79_Perugia_2015_Barbara_BodzionyBarbara Bodziony - an art historian, calligrapher, calligraphy teacher. Alumnus of the Jagiellonian University and the European Higher Institute of Illumination and Manuscripts in Angers, France.  Leads a Studio and School of Calligraphy and Illumination in Kraków. Since many years she has led quite a number of prestigious calligraphy and illumination workshops in many cities of Poland, also hosting  international groups. Cooperates with, inter alia, the National Museum in Kraków,  the Benedictine Culture Institute in Tyniec, the University of John Paul II, the Pedagogical University of Cracow, the Culture Institute of Lesser Poland, The Art of Calligraphy Foundation, and with The Malbork Castle Museum. In 2014 she took part in the project Feast of Words, working together with the Modus Design Studio of Marek Cecuła.


The price of the course covers the costs of the workshops and lectures, tools needed for calligraphy and illumination, accommodation with breakfast, and administrative fee.

* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a double room with breakfast is 1.650 zł [400 Euro].
* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a single room with breakfast is 2.000 zł [485 Euro].
* For persons not taking part in the course, only accompanying, the cost is 925 zł [225 Euro].

Participants are to cover the costs of travelling to Avignon, meals, tickets to museums and art galleries, etc., and trips throughout the duration of the course.

The price of the workshops is calculated based on predictions of the rate for the euro for June 2015. In case of drastic changes in the rate of the euro we will be forced to ask you to pay the difference.


To make a reservation for participation in a workshop it is required to send an e-mail: biuro@fundacjasztukakaligrafii.pl.
Please transfer the remaining costs until 15th June 2015.

Payment information:
Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii
ul. Brzozowa 14, 31-050 Kraków
IBAN: PL65 85890006 0000 0032 4874 0001
Swift code: POLUPLPR
entitled: Donation for statutory objectives of the foundation.

Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii does not lead any economic activity, the payments for courses are accepted due to chargeable statutory activities.

The Anna Jeziorna Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii (The Art of Calligraphy Foundation)
mail: biuro@fundacjasztukakaligrafii.pl
tel. + 48 12/ 429 54 52
Anna Jeziorna – tel. +48/ 660 432 976

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