Perugia 2017 – English

The 6th Art of Calligraphy Foundation Summer School of Calligraphy
and Fine Arts

Perugia 2017


„What more do You need if You already have a library and a garden near by?”
Cicero was right. That what our Perugia is like.
Every year we follow genius loci Monteripido.
Every year we experience that the time we spend inside the walls of „Steep Mountain” Monastery is different, special, refreshing, slow and calmer with everyday routine.

Ladies and Gentelmen, Dear Friends, Perugians!
We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in 4 beautiful workshops, inside the beautiful interiors of Monteripido Monastery – three calligraphy workshops and writings from three different eras and as always ravishing with brightness and masterness illumination workshop.
After the workshops – gardens, vineyards and olive grove. Umbria Mistica.
And awaiting us Perugia.

If you have a garden near library, you shall not miss anything.
Si apud bibliothecam hortulum habes, nihil deerit.

We’re kindly inviting and waiting for you all!

Anna Jeziorna
President of The Art of Calligraphy Foundation



* Illuminating workshop
12-19 August 2017, by Katarzyna Pajor-Seremak

* Calligraphy workshop Italic
12-19 August 2017, by Agnieszka Sztark-Wilczek

* Calligraphy workshop Gothic
19-26 August 2017, by Agnieszka Śliwa

* Calligraphy workshop Copperplate
19-26 August 2017, by Zuzanna Chróścik

The capital of Umbria, central Italy. Excellently communicated, near the A-1 highway, on the border of Tuscany and Umbria. A two hour drive from Rome, one and half an hour from Florence, and half an hour from Assisi. Located near Spello, Spoleto, Gubbio, Orvieto, Nursia, Piano Grande.
An ancient city with Etruscan roots and a stormy fortune. Located among picturesque hills, full of monuments and unusual stories. Has an excellent collection of paintings in the city museum. The home of the University for Foreigners. The city of the Italian Renaissance painter Pietro Vannucci, known as Perugino. His artistic pseudonym is also the name of  famous Italian chocolates, produced in Perugia, of course.




The monastery of Saint Francis in Perugia, dating back to the 13thcentury, enchants with its beauty, simplicity, calmness and openness. It is located on a hill in the northern part of the city, near the Saint Angel’s Gate and the university district. Within the walls, apart from the monastic buildings, the chapel, library, and arcades, there is a huge, terraced garden, where one can admire a fig tree alike the Paradisian Apple Tree, stroll in the olive grove and among the cypress trees. The scent of rosemary and leaves of laurel trees accompanies us during meals in the garden. The view of Perugia – priceless. Everything that has been said about the play of light in Italian landscape painting is undoubtedly true. Delighted we admire the city whilst drinking our morning coffee and evening glass of wine from our befriended wine cellar “II Tempio”. Our hosts are the Friar Minors – their hospitality and openness is extraordinary.

23_Perugia_2017_Biblioteka 29_Perugia_2017_Italika

25_Perugia_2017_Klasztor 26_Perugia_2017_Figa 28_Perugia_2017_Monteripido



We are accommodated in single or double rooms with bathrooms. At our disposal is a spacious, modern kitchen with refrigerators, and a refectory. All meals can be prepared in the monastery, using products bought at the market, in small grocery shops, or simply in the nearest supermarket. Not to mention, the university district has plenty of tittle trattorias, restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream parlors.



27_Perugia_2017_ItalikaThe rhythm of the day is set by the classes held in the scriptorium – in the room of Saint Clare, the arcades, sometimes in the garden. Classes start at 9.00 or 9.30 in the morning, and end at 3 in the afternoon, a small coffee break included. We most often make our own supper in the monastic kitchen. The afternoons are for reading a book, a rest in the garden, a stroll through Perugia, or individual practise in the scriptorium. Some go on short tours – to Assisi, Orvieto, Spoleto, Florence. In the evenings, after dinner, we like to have a little chat in the garden with wine, cheese, and olives.
Every morning at 7.30 a Mass is held in the monastic chapel.



The price of the course covers the costs of the workshops and lectures, tools needed for calligraphy and illumination, accommodation and administrative fee.

Illumination course
* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a double room is 1.850 zł / 420 Euro.
* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a single room is 2.150 zł / 490 Euro.
* The cost of the course and tools is 980 zł / 220 Euro.

Calligraphy course
* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a double room is 1.790 zł / 405 Euro.
* The cost of the course, tools, and 7 nights in a single room is 2.090 zł / 475 Euro.
* The cost of the course and tools is 920 zł / 210 Euro.

Accompanying persons
* For persons not taking part in the course, only accompanying, family members, children, the cost is 880 zł / 200 Euro (in a double room) and 1.120 zł / 255 Euro (in a single room).

Participants are to cover the costs of travelling to Perugia, meals, tickets to museums and art galleries, etc., and trips throughout the duration of the courses.

One can travel to Perugia by bus with a transfer in Florence. It is also possible to go by plane to Rome, Florence, Bologna or Piza, from where there are both train and bus connections to Perugia. Near the bus station in Perugia there is a 24 hour functioning taxi stop. The cost of going to the Monastery of Monteripido by taxi is about 10-15 Euros.

The price of the workshops is calculated based on predictions of the rate for the Euro for June 2017. In case of drastic changes in the rate of the Euro we will be forced to ask you to pay the difference.


To make a reservation for participation in a chosen workshop it is required to send an e-mail:

Payment information:
Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii
ul. Brzozowa 14, 31-050 Kraków, Poland
IBAN: PL65 85890006 0000 0032 4874 0001
Swift code: POLUPLPR
entitled: Donation for statutory objectives of the foundation.

Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii does not lead any economic activity, the payments for courses are accepted due to chargeable statutory activities.

The Anna Jeziorna Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii (The Art of Calligraphy Foundation)
tel. + 48 12/ 429 54 52
Anna Jeziorna – tel. +48/ 660 432 976

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